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What does a Scrum coach exactly do?

The Scrum Master as a coach:
> asks powerful questions: empowers the scrum team to find their own answers rather than giving them the answers. 
> actively listens with an open mind: allows the coachees to reflect and bring clarity to their thoughts.
> reflects back: enables coachees to become aware of their own thinking, behavior and actions.
> challenges thinking: leads the coachee out of her comfort zone, motivates to break limiting mental patterns.
> helps the coachee look at their blind spots: saves them from catastrophic failures and making costly mistakes.
> helps the Scrum Team and the PO develop focus and avoid distractions.
> helps the Scrum Team discover their values and purpose.
> helps establish clarity of thoughts / objectives: reduced ambiguity helps the team with rapid decision making.
> Enables structure and culture that promotes taking actions, and> holds coachee accountable to act towards their desired future.
> Develops her coachees to find and activate their inner coach to sustain the coaching momentum after the formal coaching is over.
> Maintains neutral stance while maintaining the structure for the coachees to lead the action.
A great Scrum Master as a Coach:
> Believes in the capabilities of her Scrum Team
> Is flexible and adaptable
> Is kind and compassionate towards members undergoing transformation
> Is Empathetic
> Is Open and Respectful
> Is Neutral yet Assertive when needed
> Enables personal, phychological safety for everyone
> Is ok being wrong and allows team members to fail
> Builds Trust and respects confidentiality of personal matters
> Models the Agile Mindset and behaviors that she advocates to others
> Is able to observe blind spots and holds a mirror for the coachee to see the same.