Mario Vyc


My name is Mario Vyc, and I am the founder of Cypress Independent.

I am the Professional Scrum Master and Certified Mindset Coach, who leads people to create the reality of life, they want to live in.

Many people say: Imagine living a life of peace, joy and happiness. But if your subconscious mind has never experienced that or does not know what it feels like, it cannot create it into reality. That’s why when we try to make something new or try to change specific patterns of behavior in our lives, we feel stuck, fighting, limiting, or just moving in circles. Our purpose is to remove these impediments and become better version of self, because we are here to observe, learn, grow and love and then we return home.

I only work with people who want to move forward in their lives. Who is determined to move on from unresolved and recurring life situations to a peaceful, joyful state of existence.

I am here to get you back on your way and reveal your full potential. 

About me and places I used to live

I haven’t been only travelling. I used to also live in multi-diverse cities such as Boston, New York, Washington DC, Virginia Beach and in the end, I settled down as a resident in Toronto, Ontario.
In this way, I was building up my business and natural mindset as a coach and team Scrum Master.


LOCATIONS I used to live in

Travelling is my lifestyle

It was a long journey since 1989. I was born in the former part of Czechoslovakia.

 I had started to travel when I was 20, and since that time, I have visited over 100 corners of our Earth.

 Travelling isn’t only useful for getting to know locations. It is also a great way to recognize yourself. Who you are. It can teach you how to take responsibility for your life and solve different life situations out of your comfort zone daily.



PLACES visited

About people, I used to work with

Thanks to all these fantastic people I have had the pleasure to work with or to be in friendship with as a coach.