With our clients, we work in Scrum Sprints, that means we work in the area where the client wants to improve, develope or become better. As in Scrum, usually 1 sprint is 1 month long. Since our mission is to help our client, we provide you maximum our effort to get you to the point where they want to be. Our company standard is quality over quantity of work to be happy and feel satisfaction work outcome. We offer three coaching sprints designed to meet your individual needs. The length of programs is determined after entry evaluation. 

Jump start

33 CAD

Rising Progress

499 CAD

Focused Mastery

799 CAD

jump start

Our shortest program is designed for clients who need immediate results or want to meet short-term goals. Jump Start is for those, who need quick help to achieve their desired results. With every client, I customize my coaching based on their specific situation after entry evaluation.

1 Scrum sprint, main focus to desired development.

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Rising Progress

Rising Progress is for anyone who wants to eliminate their limits and resolve their frustration in more areas of wellbeing. This three sprints program will help you to uncover the root causes that hold you back from completing your daily routine. If you find yourself avoiding completing certain daily tasks that you must do, you will benefit from this program. We will help you to neutralize any root issues so they no longer control you. Once you finish this program you will find yourself in a more successful state of flow with renewed energy and refreshed inner peace and happiness. With every client, I customize my coaching based on their specific situation. 

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Focused Mastery

Focused Mastery, the most significant program, includes 5 Scrum sprints to focus to develop desired areas.

 During our five-sprint Focused Mastery program, we will build your future vision and move you forward in a structured format that will result in dramatic improvement in your living situation. 

We will create a plan to begin the path to the extraordinary life that you desire and deserve. We will teach you to trust your intuition and lead you to the point where you will create and build your best life. The inner voice of intuition increases your confidence so that you better manage changes in your life.

We each have our unique world, the inner world. Everything you build in your inner world sooner or later is reflected in the world around you. Our Focused Mastery program will help you to fulfill your life purpose, so that you start to live much a more vibrant life.

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