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What our clients say about us

David Vyc


“Mario TAught us how to build our own business, AND to be successful.”

“During our three weeks with Mario, he opened our eyes. He has brilliant insights and is an ultimate professional. We recommend him to anyone. Thanks Mario!”

John Bartozel


“Mario is real profeSsional.” 

“…supportive, non-judgemental, and purely authentic. I was dealing with my memory and bad habits issue. I had not been paying attention to the need for self education as well. In the short period of time I have been working with Mario, he opened up my eyes. I can see life changing results, such memory improvement, and I have built good habits as reading, listening to e-books, reading newspapers and crosswords. I improved my confidence to achieve my goals, which was my own industrial project I am now a part of. I feel way more concentrated and confident and that brings easiness into my life. Mario will help you to get clear on what’s truly important in life, so that you can take actionable steps that lead you forward.”

Sonia Pastierikova


“Thanks to Mario and his skills, I see the world from a different perspective.”

“Dealing with everyday situations of life has been so much easier with his help. As a life coach, he knows what he is doing. I am so grateful to have him by my side and would recommend him to everyone of you who needs clarity in life. He has been genuine, helpful and supportive in every category of my life.”

Majka Gabrielova


Mario is genuine. :]”

“Mario IS person, who helped me with my life situation. I was very unhappy and I couldn’t continue with my life after the breakup with my friend. Several meetings with Mário were enriching and everything in my life turned for the better in very short time. I think he is a specialist with a special sense for various fields of the life. Who wants to imagine better life and make the uncomfortable step leading you forward, contact Mário!”

LAvEnder Azad


“Communicating with Mario has been so easy.”

“Highly insightful and extensively intuitive…an avid reader and an excellent comrade… heck, I’d give him 15 out of 5 stars if I could, suffice to say he gets the job done in due time.”

Jakub Fuchs


Five stars! I recommend working with Mario.”

“I appreciate his human approach, knowledge of the topics we work on, experience, and skills to connect coaching theory with practice effectively. Thanks to him, I gained new stimuli and also valuable feedback on my life situations. Thank you for your time working on my professional and personal development.” 


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